Small Bathroom Design

Bathroom Design Ideas

When you decide to design your own bathroom it's a good idea to get together some bathroom design ideas from a variety of sources. This will help inspire you and help you realize what it is you'd like in your new bathroom.

If you love taking long, hot showers consider replacing your bath tub or existing shower with a walk-in, glass shower with multiple shower heads that are jet powered. This will give you the ultimate retreat to relax after a long day of work or a hard workout at the gym. As a bonus, it'll also help open up your bathroom, making it look bigger and more luxurious.

Some bathroom design ideas you'll need to consider are lighting ideas. Recessed lighting in your bathroom is a good choice to create a soft, relaxing mood but they'll also create shadows in the mirror and won't provide large amounts of light. The best way to incorporate recessed lighting is to put it above the tub or shower so you can turn it on separately and use it to relax in the bath tub.

Bathroom Design Ideas

Painting your bathroom is probably the first thing you think of when you're designing a bathroom. Make sure your paint is water-proof and mildew-resistant and then have fun. An interesting technique to use when painting your bathroom is vertical stripes to create height. Use contrasting paint colors to add boldness and depth to your bathroom.

When you're looking for bathroom design ideas take a look at color options. Yellow is a traditional color to use in a bathroom and is very cheery. It'll play off the natural light coming in through the windows and make the room feel fresh. Light blue is another common color to use in a bathroom because it adds a calming atmosphere, just like lavender.

If you have a plain, standard mirror in your bathroom, a great way to dress it up is to place a frame around it. You can buy a frame or molding and have it cut to the size you need. Then just paint it a nice accent color for your bathroom and use glass-safe glue to apply it. This will make your bathroom seem fancy and well put together.

Lastly, storage in a bathroom should be given a lot of thought. Don't leave makeup and grooming items lying around, or containers with labels. Instead, creatively incorporate commonly used items like cotton balls in glass jars around your bathroom or on shelves. Adding a built-in cupboard is also a great design idea, giving you beauty as well as a lot of storage. It'll give you room to hide your linens and other items out of sight.