Small Bathroom Design

Choosing The Best Bathroom Lighting Design For Your Needs

Bathroom lighting design is a significant part of your bathrooms interior design and structure. Lighting helps make a room what it is, and creates pleasing shadows or bright light where it is wanted most. Depending on the options you want, there are several ways to create a nice lighting set up, varying from interchangeable light mechanisms, to mood lighting, and even built into the walls LED lights.

The first step to choosing your bathroom lighting is to make some simple calculations regarding your room size and placement. City laws require that lights meet standards, such as out put and placement. If your light sockets are not capable of outputting strong wattage, then some modifications would need to be made. Designing your lights in a bathroom is an enjoyable process, and the end result is quite pleasing. Take the time to know where to place things properly.

Harsh overhead lighting isn’t recommended, so when designing your lights in your bathroom, choose softer lights that enhance the environment. Mood lighting around a bathtub is a luxury option that can create a spa-like feel, while regular lights are just boring. Consider placement around the bathroom mirror, as well as in places that may need extra lighting in the future. If you have a large bathroom window, you will likely need less lighting.

Choosing lighting isn’t always an easy task though, sometimes it’s more fun to be creative and then actually finding the lights you have in mind is a daunting task. Browsing the internet is helpful when searching for different lights or exotic lighting. LED’s are efficient options that create a nice atmosphere, while fluorescent lights are more practical. Of course, its not just about the light bulb you use, its also about the container that the light bulb is placed in, as well as the design and color of those light holsters. What you choose is entirely up to you, and its encouraged that you strive for creativity and what reflects your personal likes, and what the overall theme of your bathroom is.

Of course bathroom lighting design will vary in cost, and some contractors charge to actually develop a layout for you. This is recommended if you do not know what you are doing, otherwise, feel free to be creative and create the layout yourself. Bathroom lights are a great way to get creative and try out new lighting options before expanding to larger rooms or more areas.