Small Bathroom Design

Bathroom Shower Design

Showers have been around since the time of the Greeks in one form or another. In the beginning there was the pour water over the head and body method. Another old standby was the stand in a cold stream waterfall method. While these work for basic hygiene I doubt anyone would trade the modern bathroom shower designs that have evolved over the centuries for either of them.

There are many types of shower systems available and new ones are invented everyday. We love our comfort and when it comes to relaxing few things hit the spot like a good shower. The standard shower is an enclosed water tight box usually measuring three feet wide, three feet deep, and seven feet tall with a door or curtain for entry. This type of shower can come in one solid piece or in several parts so it will fit through doorways.

Bathroom Shower Design

Then there is the standard bath tub slash shower insert. It is usually made of fiberglass and measures five feet in length, two and one half feet wide, and seven feet tall with a door or curtain for entry. These too come whole or in parts for installation. These both come in many colors from basic white to onyx.

A hot shower on the market is the frameless shower. Most of these are made of custom cut safety glass running from floor to ceiling. If you are looking for cutting edge design you may want to look at this type of shower. For the Green at heart there are showers that use filters with pumps that clean and recycle water to cut cost and help the environment. A wet room is a definite conversation starter. This design is open with a slight slope to the floor leading to the drainage system.

The type of shower design you choose will (or should) be based on the theme of the bathroom in its entirety. If you like Victorian design a claw-foot type tub with over head shower and wrap around curtain would fit your bathroom like a glove. If you are in to new wave the frameless is unique and built to your specific desires.

The bathroom is the one place most people can relax and enjoy peace and quiet; it is also the one room (most) guests see by themselves so its design and decor are very important.