Small Bathroom Design

Contemporary Bathroom Design

Contemporary design uses sleek, modern edges and smooth surfaces and avoids intricate designs. Designing a contemporary bathroom requires a little bit of attention to detail but will be very rewarding once you're finished. Glass and stone are great contemporary design elements that work wonderfully in a bathroom, as are natural, neutral colors.

To begin your contemporary bathroom design, consider color options. Neutral colors work great with contemporary bathrooms so you'll probably want to stick with white, taupe, brown, or beige for the walls. However, this doesn't mean you'll end up with a bland and boring room! Add splashes of color and boldness and use an accent color, such as red or teal.

Contemporary Bathroom Design

Next come accents for your bathroom. Metal accents are traditionally used in contemporary designs so you'll have your option of stainless steel, chrome and nickel. Make sure you match all the accessories and accents on your bathroom furniture, lamps, and bathroom fixtures to give a cohesive look. Today there are so many options when it comes to bathroom accents that you won't have trouble finding anything in the finish you select. You can choose from bath robe hooks, towel bars, and even shelves.

Another important aspect of a contemporary bathroom is the surface and texture of the furniture and accessories. Remember to choose something smooth and simple for the furniture, like glass, metal, or stone. If you want, you can balance out the metal and smoothness of the bathroom with fabrics like silk and linen. This will help the bathroom feel inviting instead of cold. Another great idea is to choose a soft, fluffy rug for the center of the room to break up the cold floor. You can even get creative and use simple but interesting linen wallpapers.

Lighting is another of the most important design elements in a contemporary bathroom. Track lighting and floor lamps are commonly used in contemporary bathrooms. Choose lighting that has sharp lines and matches the metal finish you've chosen. You can even find wonderful pieces that incorporate the accent color you've chosen, like teal. This will help pull the room together and give you just the right splash of color.

The most important things to remember for a contemporary bathroom design are to stick with smooth, sleek edges, use interesting metal accents, and soften the room with linens and cotton fabrics. When you remember these key features it's easy to design a bathroom you'll love.