Small Bathroom Design

Designer Bathroom

A designer bathroom is the dream for many homeowners. Many feel, however, that it's unattainable and expensive. That's not necessarily true, however. Anyone can have the look and feel of a designer bathroom with a modest budget, lots of inspiration, and a great plan.

The first step to achieving your designer bathroom is research. Consult online home decorating websites and find a bathroom you love. Do you want a sleek, modern bathroom? If so, look up pictures and get a great understanding of exactly what a modern bathroom is. Get the design right, and then do your shopping.

Key features in a designer bathroom are heated tiled floors, heated towel racks and walk-in showers. These luxuries make the room complete and add to the high-end feel. They don't have to break the bank though. If you don't have a huge budget, consider just one or two high-end features that your bathroom needs to have. You can add class without going over the top. Also, remember to shop around and use discount warehouses to get the absolute best deal. You'll most likely end up saving hundreds--even thousands.

A very popular designer bathroom style is the spa bathroom. Many don't know how to even go about creating a spa-feel in their home. The truth is, it's simpler than it seems. Remember to think luxurious and soothing when you're creating your design. Choose sleek, high end fixtures and furniture. Don't use anything fake. Heated tile floors are a popular feature of spa bathrooms, as well as steam showers and saunas. A jetted tub is another feature that will fit right into a spa bathroom.

Designer Bathroom

You can also consider a beautiful, romantic bathroom. A claw foot or Victorian tub, wide windows that let in a lot of light, flowers and candles, and lighting that can create a mood and dims are all must-haves for a romantic bathroom. You'll also want to have genuine, dark hardwood floors and high-quality, soft linens. The room should be warm and welcoming, with class and charm.

A designer bathroom is very easy to achieve. Remember to get plenty of inspiration and know exactly what look you're going for. Pay attention to all the small details to achieve your designer look. Mismatched accessories or fixtures will ruin the look of the entire room, as will clashing colors or design styles. Also, don't settle when designing your bathroom. Search high and low for the perfect accents, even if you need to use the Internet or special order furniture or fixtures.