Small Bathroom Design

Luxury Bathroom Design

If you are interested in designing a luxury bathroom, you have a whole range of things to choose from to get it exactly the way you want it. There are a number of different components that create what one would call a luxury bathroom. From the sink to the toilet to the bathtub, every piece in the bathroom can be used to create your luxury bathroom design. To start off, you need to make a list and figure out which parts of your bathroom you want to fall into the luxury bathroom category as well as what styles you are going to choose to go in it.

The bathtub may be one of the most important components when one thinks of a luxury bathroom, and there are several different varieties to choose from. First, there is the broad range of sizes. Then you need to figure out whether or not you want jacuzzi jets to go in your bathtub. There are also several different shapes of bathtub (oval, square, round, rectangular, you name it.) The bathtub you choose to go in your luxury themed bathroom should depend not only on your personality and style but on the other components to the bathroom as well. You want a bathroom that flows well with all the parts fitting together nicely.

Luxury Bathroom Design

The shower also plays a key role in making a luxury bathroom what it is. Not only can you get a shower that has several different shower heads jetting out at you at all different directions, you can get a shower that creates steam and acts as a sauna, or a shower that has many different settings such as massage, pulsate, etc.

Now there are some smaller items that you can use in your luxury bathroom. If you want to turn your toilet into a luxury item, you can get a toilet with a seat heater (these are very nice in the winter by the way), or you can attach a bidet (a little jet of water that cleans you after you use it.) You can mount a water proof TV on your wall to watch from your bathtub and you can even install surround sound so that you can hear the TV over your running bath water.

Whatever you choose for your luxury bathroom, if you have enough time and money to put into it, you can pretty much create whatever your imagination and desire allows you to.