Small Bathroom Design

Master Bathroom Design

You want to make sure you put a lot of thought into designing your master bathroom, because this is something you won't be able to easily change. There are many books that offer ideas on bathroom design, but the ultimate decision should be based on what you like. While you should always take people opinions into consideration, you need to remember that you will be the person using this bathroom everyday.

When you are designing your master bathroom the first thing you want to consider is the layout. You want to make sure the layout makes sense. You want the shower in a good location, and you want to make sure you can easily walk around. You will also want to pick out your tub, shower, and sinks so you know how large they will be and where they will fit.

Master bathrooms usually have double sinks, so you will need to consider if this is something that you want. Double sinks are a great help when you have two people getting ready in the same bathroom. You will also have to pick the medicine cabinet and mirrors. You also need to consider closet placement. Many master bathrooms have the closet in the bathroom, which helps keep the master bedroom's design clean and streamlined.

Master Bathroom Design

After you have planned the layout of your bathroom you will then need to decorate it. Decoration choices are a completely personal choice, but there are some things that you should consider. Carpet in bathrooms is soft and warm under your feet, but not a good choice by tubs or showers. Often people will tile the area by the tub, and carpet the sink and toilet area. You will also need to decide what type of wall treatments you want to use. If you paint your bathroom you will want to use gloss or semi gloss so you can clean it by wiping it.

After you finish designing your master bathroom you will get the chance to use it. It will be amazing how great it will feel the first time you get to use a bathroom that you have completely designed. Remember that paint and accessories are easy to change, but the basic bathroom design is something that you will have to live with for many years. Make sure you spend all the time you need, to make sure your master bathroom is designed exactly how you want it.