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Going Green In Modern Bathroom Design

While the basic function of a bathroom has been the same for hundreds of years, it’s the rare bathroom that couldn’t use an update to the latest in modern bathroom design. Thanks to today’s technology and innovative design elements, you can bring this essential room into the 21st century with both style and purpose.

From the funky to the operational, the choices when updating your bathroom cover a wide variety of tastes and needs. The current trend seems to be toward a more environmentally conscious bathroom design, taking into consideration water conservation and using green products to reduce the impact on the environment.

Many water saving devices are available, such as water efficient toilets and low-flow shower heads. It is estimated that 60% of a family’s water bill is from toilets and showers; installing water saving appliances can reduce this expense up to 40%, not only saving money but easing the strain on the environment.

Modern Bathroom Design

Choice of tiling or flooring material in a modern bathroom design has never been easier or more fun. Recycled glass tiles offer unlimited possibilities in color and pattern; not only functional and beautiful, there are hundreds of hues and finishes to give a unique and personal look.

Stone tiles are often a top choice of flooring in wet areas such as bathrooms. They can be installed over radiant head, and are receptive to retaining solar heat. Easy to install and maintain, a stone floor can be reused, if replaced, in landscaping with no detriment to the environment. Another green choice in flooring is linoleum, which these days is biodegradable, constructed of all-natural material and is hypo allergenic.

One of the most innovative modern design elements for the bathroom are wood faucets. These fixtures are hand-crafted from natural wood and treated with a special substance to preserve the look and feel of wood while protecting from water damage. Each piece is as unique as the piece of wood from which it’s crafted and is an exciting and eco-friendly choice of material.

When thinking of updating your bathroom to the latest in modern design technology, think long-term. Going green in the bathroom has the advantage of lessening the impact on the environment as well as saving you money in the long run. Water saving devices and choosing renewable resource materials in your modern bathroom design can not only make your bathroom more comfortable and beautiful, but also have a positive impact on both budget and the environment.